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**contact GO Fitness to set up return time**


45 Min Fitness Classes
1 Hour Yoga Classes

CLASS SIZE OF 4 -  We are starting with class size of 4/class in set stations 
    Virtual Class access will continue 

Class prices reverting back to regular pricing 
   virtual packs can be used until complete or time limit

Cancellation Fees will be Activated again - 6 hour cancellation or fee charged. 


Please consider attending the gym sparingly in the 1st 2 weeks as people onboard.  We want you here everyday, but slow progression is better.  Thank you in advance.  We will not be accepting new members until we find our new footing on how this all works.

Under no circumstances can you bring guests or children at this time.  They just cannot attend with you.  We will all get back to life safely together.

New Hours 

5am - 1030pm - Mon - Fri
8am - 8pm Sat - Sun and Holidays

We have NEW RULES that must be signed

 Agreement Form of gym rules agreement must be signed by all attendees - 24 hrs prior to card activation - NO EXCEPTIONS 
** Membership fees will begin again, card will NOT be activated without signed form. 


Time Limitations - as a small gym we have never been excessively busy,  We don’t want to limit when you come and go to the gym.  If we run into excessive busy times we will be required to limit access.  Do as you’ve always done and it will be wonderful.

Staffing - We will have on floor staff members or volunteer staff cleaning and checking the gym at a minimum of 4 x’s a day.    
When you are in please say hi to them.

Jenni Klempp - Bossy and a little frazzled but thrilled to be back in action.
Jayleen Fitzsimmons - Personal Trainer - group instructor - GO Gym extraordinaire. Jay-Jay Fitz in a Box
Jenelle Brennan - Yoga instructor, kind soul and community heart. 
Scott Klempp - Cleaner - Fixer - and Pilates Assistant. 
Elvera Kater - Massage Therapist - Hip chick that can straighten you out.
Laura Ortman -  Massage Therapist - Busy girl that knows how to bring you back to yourself.
Volunteer Member Staff - We have some Members that volunteer cleaning time to help out.  If you see someone cleaning - Thank them
YOU - thanks for keeping YOUR gym always so clean.

Staff will be:

Reviewing gym access and visit spacing.  Limiting if necessary.
Cleaning touch points throughout the day.
Assuring the gym is safe and clean.
Treating you like an adult that cares about this community!! We are not in the business of managing peoples every move, be respectful, and helpful and this all works.

Membership Billing - Now will be set for 1st or 15th - contact us if you have a preference - your membership will automatically be set up to the nearest date to your current date. Note you will receive a discount of 20% for 3 months in credit or time on your account.  We are reviewing each membership individually to assure we are fair.   

Pricing - your pricing will remain as is for the remainder of 2020.  As we always try to keep the price reasonably we have to respect inflation and excessive costs.  We will navigate the remainder of 2020 and notify in advance of any changes.