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GYM Access Form

Please fill out the form below.


I have read and understand all the rules with the current gym.

I agree to complete adherence to the rules of the gym.

  • Give people space
  • Spray and wipe all touch points - Clean what you use. (we will have scheduled cleans during the day and deep cleans during the weeks, doing your part keeps our fees reasonable)
  • Keep my workouts condolences in the near future as deemed by the government (do not spread sets around the gym)
  • Wash my hands
  • Be Kind - Everyone has differing viewpoints and comfort levels with the current situation, I agree to give them their space to be with those views.
  • Do not allow or grant facility access to anyone without a swipe card
  • Note bring your own water bottle, bring your own towel. Shower facilities and water fountains not available at current time.
  • Come to the gym prepared and ready to work.

Failure to comply with care and cleanliness of rules will result in cancellation of card and membership access. Upon decision of management and staff.

Our priority is the health of the community and business as a whole, we will do our part as you will do yours.